Welcome to Lemon Consulting

Welcome to Lemon Consulting

Our aim is to give a friendly, personal, helping hand with all these matters in Spain that most of us would rather not think about but which, if ignored, can often come back to bite you where it really hurts - in the pocket!

Legal requirements are legal requirements - they won't go away! So why not simply give us an opportunity to help you better enjoy this wonderful life in Spain that we all love so much and pass these worries onto us to deal with for you.

Lemon Consulting has:

  • Over 50 years continuous experience in UK public practice
  • Over 20 years continuous experience in Spanish public practice

...so we should be able to help you and your family solve your legal and financial headaches! Whatever you do, don't keep "ducking behind the wall". The wall is crumbling in Spain, the UK and all over the world....don't let it fall onto you!!

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