House Maintenance

House Maintenance

Did you know you cannot take a paint brush or a trowel to keep your house in good repair unless you have the appropriate licence and permissions from your local Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)?

If you have a tradesman doing the work for you, he will often offer to make the application on your behalf as part of his quote.

If you want to do the work yourself you need to make the application yourself. The Police will frequently stop at a house where they see work being carried out to check that you have the correct paperwork. Officials from the Ayuntamiento are also doing the rounds to check the same thing. Not to mention the nosey neighbours!

How we can help

Avoid the hassle and let us deal with this for you before the work begins! Every Ayuntamiento has its own rules and costs but, generally, a Licencia de Obras (work licence) will be required either in terms of Obra Mayor, (for major works) or Obra Menor (for minor works) depending on the size and nature of the intended work.

Whatever the work, let us know the Ayuntamiento governing your property and we will do the research for you and advise, and deal with, the appropriate paperwork.

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